Regarding the Leadership Insurance Foundations Course:

I wish I had taken this course as part of my undergraduate studies. After 16 years of teaching this is the most valuable course in which I have participated. The information was applicable from the beginning, and each section built on the previous. The sequencing was logical and meaningful. I hope that many school districts will take the opportunity to offer the course as an in-service to teachers and administrators. What a difference it would make for teachers and administrators to understand what it means to lead and how to effectively collaborate to teach students life skills through the curriculum! This course is the game-changer education needs.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Deanna Thatcher, teacher Spring Grove Area School District

Deron Schriver, CFO of Susquehanna Valley Women’s Health Care

EII Consulting has been a great leadership resource for our organization and for me personally. You see very quickly in talking with them that their approach is different from the many others out there. They bring leadership content to the table, but they go deeper than any others I’ve seen to turn it into something actionable. It would be difficult to come away from working with them without experiencing meaningful growth as a leader.

Deron Schriver, CFO of Susquehanna Valley Women’s Health Care

Stephen Simon, Director of Human Resources

“If you are looking for a consulting company to enhance, motivate and encourage your leaders, look no further.”

Director of Human Resources for Anonymous Regional Healthcare Provider

Nicolas Frolio, Director

“….. Being outside our organization allowed them to address issues in a fresh way that someone inside the organization could not. The neutrality they brought created an openness to discussion about the conflict which allowed us to reset the process between the leadership team and get them working well once more.”

Director Anonymous Regional Healthcare Provider

Scott A. Deisley, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

My Team and I have been working with EII for 18 months now. Individually, I have been working with them for two years so that I am able to model the skills that they are developing in my Team. To the person, I have observed measurable growth in each of my Team members. Most importantly, as a Team, we have developed a common vocabulary and experiences that we can build upon as we set a vision and course of action for our district.

Scott A. Deisley, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools, Red Lion Area School District