Answer “Yes” to your questions about Team Leadership

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Book time with me to discuss how your district can excel, even in a year like this.

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This school year, the stakes couldn’t be higher for your district.

You need the support of your team to provide the necessary adjustments for educators and families alike.

“We initially struggled to apply the principles of EII Consulting. These are easy principles to understand but hard to implement! But with the help of EII, we started modeling them to our team, and they’ve become much more efficient and effective at communication and teamwork.”

Eric Wilson, Chief Instructional Officer, Red Lion Area School District


Where will you be in six months if your team isn’t aligned with your mission and goals?

  • Does everyone on your team understand their role on the team?
  • Does everyone on your team communicate effectively?
  • Does everyone on your team have the mental resilience to stay on task?
  • @ Is everyone on your team accountable to you and to each other? 



Ryan Sanders, Managing Director

EII Consulting