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Do You Hear What I Hear? Why Good Listening Contributes to Effective Leadership

How good of a listener are you?  The Economist’s editorialist

General Powell + President Lincoln: Two Models of Effective Leadership

I’ve reflected in an earlier post about Colin Powell’s excellent

General Colin Powell: A Shining Example of Brilliant Leadership

I was referred to an interview with Colin Powell on

Ignore Perception & Give Up Control of Reality

Ignore Perception & Give Up Control of Reality              

Exciting Partnership with Health Care Improvement Sciences (HCIS)

EII Consulting is excited to announce our partnership with Healthcare Improvement Sciences (HCIS). The partnership

We all have the time…its just how you prioritize it.

TIME: a tough subject for organizations and people to navigate. It is by far one

Colin Powell on Leadership.pptx – Google Slides   Please feel free to use the presentation to help in your organization.  It

Exciting news!  This is a great picture of some EII team members just finishing the

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