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The MBTI assessment can transform how people work together. Only 14% of executives believe that the traditional model of a hierarchical organization is effective. Forward-looking leaders are moving to a flexible, team-focused model.

MBTI insights enhance personal development, supporting team and leadership training, conflict management, career change, and transitions. Multinational companies value the common language the Myers-Briggs assessment provides for discussing interpersonal differences, making it the preferred choice for training and development programs around the world.

What is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator?
The MBTI is one tool, of many, that helps assess or identify your personality.  The goal is to promote self-awareness by helping people realize their psychological type in relation to attitude and how they perceive and judge things. 

The key to understanding the MBTI is that everyone uses all of the preference pairs at some point. Your “preference” is just what comes naturally to you! 

What does each letter mean?

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