We all have the time…its just how you prioritize it.

TIME: a tough subject for organizations and people to navigate. It is by far one

Resilience: Teach It to See It

Resilience:  Teach It to See It As I read the article Declining Student Resilience: A

Defining Leadership

What is “leadership?“ Everyone knows a leader when they see one. But to define what

Leadership – Take Time, or Fall Behind

By Christian Ehrhart As a company we have begun to create short videos to help

The Principle of the “Try”

By Christian Ehrhart I grew up with the original Star Wars movies (numbers 4-6). I


By Holly Baublitz Looking into the teaching pedagogical world there are many complicated principles and

Student Self-efficacy

By Derrick Henning Self–efficacy refers to an individual’s belief in his or her capacity to

A Letter to a Pre-service Teacher

By Christian Ehrhart Each February I have the chance to talk with groups of pre-service

Philosophical Shift: How to train your mind and guide your class

By Christian Ehrhart As Einstein said, “the only thing that interferes with my learning is


By Christian Ehrhart On a dreary November afternoon, a young man of 16 years is

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