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    This article was found by a member of the EII team, and I thought it worth while to add a few thoughts. I wrote an article response in reflection and that you can find in our article section of the website. Here I would like to point out a couple help hints to get you started it you want to focus on teaching resilience:

    1 – Consider reading an article I found many years ago: “The Case Against the Zero”
    The point of this article is that by giving a student a grade of zero we are positively reinforcing a negative behavior. Instead of giving into the request to quit, use questions techniques to find the real reason the student did not achieve, and teach the coping skill needed to find success. And always continue to reinforce and review the skill to ensure true learning.

    2 – Consider mistakes and failures as data, nothing more, nothing less
    Doing something wrong presents us with a mental dilemma each time it happens. Do we learn from the mistake and improve our processes or do we choose to stop, making that mistake the final outcome. In order to be a process thinker that embraces failure, you must practice mental resilience. If you find yourself struggling to change your mind, you may not need to look beyond your own mental resilience. After all, before any leader can teach, they must first look inward in order to effectively model the skill.

    Christian Ehrhart
    Cofounder EII Consulting

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