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  • Perception is reality! This article from The Atlantic outlines interesting research on the problem of perception and the human brain. Consider how this might impact your leadership style. Communicating differences between people has many blocks but the biggest is perception. Sharing your view effectively with another is the fundamental challenge o…[Read more]

  • The Nobel Prize for economics in 2016 goes to two men whose research applies directly to innovative leadership. The key points each identified is that for a team or organization to function effectively individual self-interest much be kept under control….i.e. managed!

    Oliver Hart adroitly proved how good managers offer ownership stakes to those…[Read more]

  • Interesting article on teachers; the author is suggesting that the best teachers are made with solid education, coaching and support (not born). Do you agree with this premise? Or is there something else that a teacher does to educate students better?

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    This is a linkto an article in the The Economist about the passing a couple years ago of a thinker on corporate leadership, Warren Bennis. He was a peer with Peter Drucker, another titan of the management consulting world. Both had excellent ideas on who and what a leader should be. Drucker focused on the team and those who followed. Bennis on the…[Read more]

  • That is a good parable of life….you will never please everyone! I believe the best best way to learn from a story like this is to focus on what you can control: you. Self-awareness, meaning knowing what you want and can do, is an essential part of any successful person. Good leaders know this as do good team members. John’s comments that critics…[Read more]

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