Colin Powell on Leadership.pptx – Google Slides   Please feel free to use the presentation to help in your organization.  It

The Elegance of the Grey: The Political lense of Teaming

The Elegance of the Grey I recently got into a debate with a libertarian friend

Defining Leadership

What is “leadership?“ Everyone knows a leader when they see one. But to define what

One Man’s Thoughts on a Great Book

One Man’s Thoughts on a Great Book By Christian Ehrhart A few weeks ago I

Grades…My Take

Within the last year or so I have learned to use Twitter to find professional

The Principle of the “Try”

By Christian Ehrhart I grew up with the original Star Wars movies (numbers 4-6). I

Focus: A Time to Reflect

By Holly Baublitz Closing out another school year means a time of reflection and evaluation.

Teaching a Process vs. Teaching a Product

By Christian Ehrhart I would guess that whether you realize it or not you teach

What I Need You to Know

By Christian Ehrhart I felt it necessary to give you some background as to how

Philosophical Shift: How to train your mind and guide your class

By Christian Ehrhart As Einstein said, “the only thing that interferes with my learning is

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